From its fledgling beginnings as a counter shop in Liberty Plaza selling fragrances by Dior, Givenchy and Paco Rabanne, The Parfumerie has grown within a span of 20 years to become a visionary beauty-retailer, making the world’s most renowned fragrances, skincare products and cosmetics available to the discerning Sri Lankan consumer.

The Parfumerie has revolutionized the concept of beauty-retail with regular launches of the latest fragrances, visits by internationally acclaimed make-up artists and select launch parties. Thanks to an unparalleled assortment of designer beauty products and its innovative and interactive shopping experience, we continue to be regarded as a trailblazer in the fragrance, skin care and cosmetics sector.

Our History

Since its formation, the Victory Group has taken flight, branching out into the apparel export industry, the manufacture and distribution of consumer electronics, duty free shops at the BIA and finally into luxury fragrances through The Parfumerie in 1993.

His tenure of service with them lasted nearly 30 years until the establishment of Victory Silk Store in 1947.

Coming to Ceylon in the year 1914, Mr. Parsram became the Managing Partner of Seeroomal Topandas, a pioneer business establishment at the Bristol Building in York Street, Fort.

Our roots date back to the 1940’s with the establishment of the Victory Group of companies by founder Mr. C Parsram

authorized retailER

At The Parfumerie we have always put as much effort into our store experience as we do to bringing you the best designer brands under one roof. To make this happen we are always looking to re-invent and expand our presence

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