L'Occitane Beauty Tips 6

L’Occitance beauty tips

Skin type, environment factors, textures, ingredient’s benefits… It is not easy to find the beauty routine that fits your needs and habits. Browse L’Occitane beauty tips and advice to find the right products and discover how to have beautiful skin and a beautiful body at any age, under any circumstances!

How to wash your hands properly

Every day, our hands touch so many things. Greeting people, holding the handrail, opening doors, doing the shopping... We use our hands in everything we do. That's why it's so important to wash them more often than the rest of the body – and to look after them.

The secrets of a healthy looking scalp

The secret to healthy looking hair is a healthy looking scalp . Haircare and skincare aren’t as separate as you might think – after all, your scalp is part of your skin

What Are The Benefits of Adding a Serum to Your Skincare Routine?

Welcome aboard! L’OCCITANE is your faithful guide through the wonderful world of nature-inspired skincare. Today, we’re taking a spin through the spectacle that is face serum. You’ve probably heard of it, but for those still confused about what exactly the point of serum is, buckle up. We’ve got all the

How to choose the best hand cream for you

From cooking nourishing meals to flipping through the pages of a paperback, our hardworking hands are always doing something. A high-quality hand cream will help to keep them feeling soft and supple.Here's how to choose the perfect hand cream for your lifestyle.


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