The secret to healthy looking hair is a healthy looking scalp . Haircare and skincare aren’t as separate as you might think – after all, your scalp is part of your skin. It needs to maintain its natural balance to play its role of protector and to help ensure a nourishing environment for the growth of beautiful hair. We can use products to nourish our hair and repair damage, but products applied topically can only repair the hair that’s already grown. For longer-lasting results that help to ensure new hair grows soft and strong, you have to take care of your scalp pre-emptively.

The hidden world of your scalp

Just like the skin on the rest of your body, your scalp is home to microbiota. But what does this mean? It’s like a layer on top of your skin, made up micro-organisms (for instance bacteria) that are naturally present on your skin. It plays a protective role and helps to promote healthy looking hair growth, but it needs to be kept in a balanced state to fully play its role.

There are many factors that can influence the balance of your scalp, many to do with your overall health and wellness (like your stress levels and hormonal changes) but external factors like pollution, using hairdryers frequently or medication play a part too. When this ecosystem is imbalanced, you may experience discomfort, like itching or tingling for example. However, there’s plenty you can do to help keep your scalp happy, starting with your haircare routine.

Gentle haircare

Maintaining the natural balance of your scalp often comes down to choosing the most suitable products for your hair type. An inadequate hair care routine, washing your hair too frequently and indulging in heat treatments are some of the more common causes of scalp and hair damage. These daily stressors may result in your scalp becoming imbalanced.

Washing your hair less often can help. When you do wash your hair, to maintain the balance of your scalp you should look for products that cleanse in a delicate way, such as the micellar shampoo in our Gentle & Balance range. It’s sulphate-free and contains a prebiotic that contributes to maintenance of your scalp’s balance, despite all the daily challenges it may undergo. These products are designed with our usual focus on natural ingredients and cleanse so gently that you can use them every day without risking unbalancing your scalp, giving you soft and shiny hair. 98% of ingredients in the range are even readily biodegradable.

Scalp-friendly ingredients

Our Gentle & Balance range is built around a cocktail of five essential oils – rosemary, lavender, lemon, chamomile and orange – and a prebiotic. That latter encourages a healthy balance of the bacteria that make up your scalp’s ecosystem.

The prebiotic works directly on your scalp to maintain its natural balance. The addition of our signature lavender essential oil, known for its relaxing properties, comes to complete the active effect. 

The range’s relaxing qualities are enhanced by the mesmerising aroma of the lavender, grown sustainably in the South of France. The evocative fragrance creates a sensual experience and will transport you to Provence’s mesmerising blue-gold fields. Pampering yourself with beautifully scented products is a fantastic way to contribute to your well-being following stressful days, and to take care of your scalp.  

Making hair care into self-care

It takes just a little care and attention to turn your daily hair washing ritual into a treat. Luxuriously scented products infused with essential oils and their evocative scents will whisk you away from your daily cares, but adding a mini-massage takes it up a notch.

Taking the time to massage your hair products into your scalp with your fingers feels amazing and will make your worries melt away. However, it also has the added bonus of activating micro-circulation and helping to take care of your scalp, dislodging build-up and bringing more nutrients to your hair follicle.

A holistic approach to your healthy looking scalp

It’s best to adopt a holistic approach to hair and scalp care – there are so many factors that can affect your scalp that it’s not only about the products you use when you wash your hair. 

You should protect your scalp from UV light the same way you would the rest of your skin. Throw on a chic oversized straw hat or change up your hair parting from time to time if you’re spending long periods under the sun. 

Look out for opportunities to squeeze in a little more pampering in order to contribute to your well-being following stressful days, and to take care of your scalp Finding regular time to unwind and focus on yourself is an enriching remedy for stress, like taking coastal walks in the fresh air on weekends. Remember, a healthy body and mind contribute to a healthy looking scalp, which is essential for beautiful hair!

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